Spring Cleanup

Each spring or early summer, the City of Ravenna hosts a community clean-up day. During this two weekend event, the City contracts with an area trash hauler to pick up unwanted items at the curb. This service is provided so that residents can get rid of larger household items which may be too large for their normal trash hauler to take. Regular everyday household garbage will not be accepted.

Accepted Items and Guidelines:

  • Items must be small enough for 2 men to handle. Furniture, electronics, toys, bikes, carpet, etc.
  • Please set appliances in a separate pile. Remove the doors of freezers and refrigerators. If they still work please call an appliance recycler listed below in the DONATION OPTIONS section below.
  • Scrap metal should go with appliances.
  • Building material will be collected in small amounts if it is contained for easy handling.

Prohibited Items:

(None of these will be accepted at the curb)

  • Regular household garbage must go to your usual trash hauler.
  • Tires, paint, household chemicals and batteries will only be accepted at a special collection for restricted materials
  • Appliances containing FREON or similar refrigerant.
  • Large quantities of construction or demolition material will not be accepted. Call your regular trash hauler. No bricks, blocks, concrete or railroad ties will be accepted.

Donation Options:

(Please donate usable items to the church of your choice, or one of these establishments)

  • County Clothing Center - (330) 296-0503
  • Good Will - (330) 677-5402
  • Salvation Army - (330) 296-7371
  • Portage Appliances - (330) 296-7614

Special Collection of Restricted Items:

Certain restricted items such as tires, paint and batteries will be collected at a special date and time which will be announced. Old, damaged or unusable paint can be disposed of in regular trash - just remove the lid and let the paint dry out before discarding. Other Paint and batteries can be taken to the Portage Recycling Center located at 3588 Mogadore Rd. in Brimfield. Contact the recycling center at (330) 678-8808 for more information. The Recycling center can also provide advise concerning the disposal of other types of hazardous household waste.

Restricted / Prohibited Materials:

Please contact your trash hauler for removal of prohibited items. For assistance in disposal of items containing hazardous chemicals, paints, etc... please contact the Portage County Recycling at (330) 678-8808.