Snow Removal

During those harsh winter months in Northeast Ohio, we often experience heavy snowfall and or ice buildup on our roadways. The Service Department, through the hard work of the street crews, works to remove the white stuff from our roads and to lay down salt and/or brine solutions to minimize or eliminate ice.

Our crews work hard to keep the roadways and sidewalks clear during the winter. Here's some snow removal tips for you that will help us do a better job and will help out your fellow motorists and pedestrians this season.

  1. Do not plow snow into the roadways.
  2. Do not plow snow onto the sidewalks.
  3. Please, if able, keep your sidewalks clear. Our crew's number 1 priority are the roadways and sidewalks. So any assistance the public can provide is not only appreciated by our crews, but also by the pedestrians (often school children) who must walk on the sidewalks.
  4. Don't plow snow onto other people's property unless you have permission from them to do so.
  5. Help out neighbors who are physically unable to shovel themselves out.
  6. Remove snow frequently and promptly, especially during heavy storms or back-to-back storms. Snow that is allowed to build up will be far heavier and harder to remove. It's easier to shovel smaller amounts several times than to shovel a large amount once.

Remember, we're all in this together. Winter weather spares no one in NE Ohio. Through a team effort, we can keep our streets and sidewalks clear and safe for all.


Once the roadways are cleared of snow and ice, and if time and resources allow, the street crews plow many of the more heavily used sidewalks throughout the city. Below is a map and list of the sidewalks we plow ...

East to West Streets:
  • Washington from Chestnut to Freedom
  • Highland from Oakwood to Linden
  • Main from Scranton to Bryn Mawr
  • Riddle from Scranton to New Milford
  • Lincoln from Cleveland to Chestnut
  • Cleveland from Oakwood to Highland
  • Jones from Scranton to Diamond
  • Spruce from Zeta to Sanford
  • Bennett in front of school
North to South Streets:
  • Oakwood from Street Garage to Main
  • Oakwood from Street Garage to Main
  • Diamond from Cleveland to Summit
  • Chestnut from High School to Lake
  • Prospect from Central to Ohio Ave.
  • Freedom from bike trail to Bennett
  • Scranton from Jones to Riddle
School zones are:
  • Brown Middle School
  • West Main School
  • West Park School
  • Carlin School
  • Tappan School
  • High School