Lawn Waste

The Ravenna City Street Department provides curbside pickup service for yard waste ranging from grass clippings to tree limbs and brush.

Grass Clippings:

Small yard waste should be placed in a bio-degradable bag and placed on the curb for pickup. Bio-degradable bags are availalbe for pickup at the Service Director's Office with proof of Ravenna City residency. The crews picking up the bags will also leave replacement bags when possible. Additionally, bio-degradable bags can usually be purchased at home improvement stores.


During the fall, large quantities of leaves can be raked to the curb for pickup. The leaves will be vacuumed up by street crews during the autumn months. During other seasons, small quantities of leaves should be placed in bio-degradable bags and place don the curb for pickup.

Important considerations ...

  • Do NOT use bags during the annual leaf pickup.
  • Please rake leaves to the curb on the tree lawn.
  • Do NOT rake leaves into the roadway as doing so clogs the storm drains and can result in significant flooding.
  • Please do not park vehicles in front of leaf piles during leaf pickup.

Branches, Twigs and Brush:

Branches, twigs, tree limbs and brush may be placed on the curb for pickup. Items must be small enough for two men to handle.