"Are You OK?" Program

The "Are you OK" program is a joint venture between the Ravenna Police Department and the Portage County Retired Senior Volunteer Program (R.S.V.P.). It is intended to provide additional support and concern for seniors with special needs. In particular, those seniors who have limited mobility or medical problems and are restricted to their home.

Volunteers from the R.S.V.P. will call subscribers at a pre-arranged morning time each day to check on their well being. If contact cannot be made, steps will be taken by the Police Department to verify the well-being of the subscriber.

This is a FREE Service!

Who qualifies for the program?

  • Persons 60 years of age or older (may be waived under special circumstances).
  • Must live within Ravenna Proper.
  • Living alone or with someone not able to provide care-giving services.
  • Physical condition which would be best described as "frail", thus making the subscriber susceptible to injury or accident.
  • No life threatening illnesses or severe medical problems. (This program is NOT intended to take the place of home health care).

How do I apply?

Persons interested in applying for this program can contact the Ravenna Police Department at 330-296-6486. A dispatcher will gather some basic information from you and will have a representative from the program call you back. The representative will then set up an appointment and will come to your home with the application for the program. At that time, the representative will explain the program in depth and assist in filling out the application. Family members wishing to enroll another family member in the program may also initiate this application process, and are encouraged to be present during the application appointment.