The City of Ravenna is zoned in an effort to effectively manage land use. Through this process we have clearly defined residential, commercial, and industrial areas throughout the city. This provides residents from unwanted industrial or commercial operations within quiet residential areas. Likewise, this provides business with the assurance they need to establish operations in Ravenna, allowing them to choose locations where future expansion might be possible. While the City is divided into these specific zones by law, the policy also offers some flexibility. A zoning board meets regularly to hear requests for variances and to hear appeals. The board strives to meet the needs of commerce while protecting the needs of residents.

Disclaimer ...

The links below contain on-line versions of the City of Ravenna Zoning Code. The only officially published version is available through the office of the City Engineer, located at 530 N. Freedom St. Ravenna, OH 44266 Phone 330.296.5666. This on-line version may, occasionally differ from the official version and should be relied upon for general information purposes only.

View the Zoning Code On-Line HERE

To download a full size version of the Zoning Map click HERE

Development is also subject to riparian and wetland setbacks. To download a full size version of the Riparian and Wetland Setback Map click HERE